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the freezer for a later moment. 
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◻Basmati rice 300 grams
◻Savoy cabbage 2 pcs.
◻Winter carrots 2 pcs.
◻Onion (large) 2 pcs.
◻Red pepper 2 pcs.
◻︎Red Lombok 2 pcs.
◻Tomatoes 2 pcs. 
◻Courgette 2 pcs.
◻Garlic 3 pcs.
◻︎Djaun Salam 2 (leaves)
◻︎Grown broth 1 st.
◻︎Trassi 2 tsp.
◻︎Ketjap manis 2 tbsp.
◻︎Brown sugar 2 tsp.
◻Coconut flakes 50 g
◻︎Sunflower oil 2 tbsp.

◻Electric rice cooker
◻︎Peeler knife
◻Cutting knife
◻Cutting board

The rice (side dish)
For cooking rice, the electric rice cooker is ideal! 
If you do not have an electric rice cooker, follow the instructions on the packaging.
◻︎Put the washed rice in the rice pan under a finger of water.
◻︎Lid the pan. ◻︎Put the rice cooker on. 
◻︎Intermittently splash the rice with a rice spoon.
◻︎Cook the rice, use a spatula to loosen the rice from the edge.

Mise en Place
◻︎Rasp the carrot and cut it into thin strips.
Cut: ◻︎ui ◻︎paprika◻︎courgettes into coarse pieces◻︎the tomatoes into cubes.
◻Chop the garlic, red lombok and the coconut block.
◻︎Place everything neatly on the counter for preparation.

The dish
◻Put the pan on the fire.
◻Make sure the pan is hot ◻︎ Oil the pan.
◻Fry the onions until they are glazy. You can hear it sizzling in the pan.
◻Turn the temperature down a little.
◻︎Skim it gently from time to time.

◻︎Lombok ◻︎garlic ◻︎ tomatoes ◻︎ stock cube ◻︎Djaun Salam ◻︎Trassi. 
◻Stir all this gently.
◻︎All the spices together, add: ◻︎ peppers ◻︎courgettes. 
◻Simmer for about 10 minutes.
◻Then add coconut block ◻︎ketjap manis ◻︎ brown sugar. 
◻Simmer for 10 minutes and stir gently in between.
The dish ready. Add rice and enjoy. Enjoy your happy meal!

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