GOULASH at JENs-style with a spicy bite to kick off the weekend.
I love this goulash! It is deliciously stuffed with meat and vegetables and prepared to a palette of spices. This recipe is SO delicious and easy too.
Goulash is originally from Hungary and is eaten mainly in central Europe, but also in other parts of Europe.

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◻︎Basmati rice 150gr.
◻︎Meat 1 pound
◻︎Tomatoes 2x
◻︎Carrots 2x
◻︎Onion 1x
◻︎Spring Onion 2x
◻︎Red Chilli 2x
◻︎Large Potato 1x
◻︎Garlic 2 cloves
◻︎Red Paprika 1x
◻︎Sambal 2 tsp.
◻︎Brown Sugar 1 tbsp.
◻︎Bouillon cube 1x
◻︎Black Pepper 1 tsp.
◻︎Sea Salt 2 tsp.
◻︎Tomato puree 140 gr.
◻︎Lemon juice 2 tsp.
◻︎Water 5 Glasses
HERBS (dry):
◻︎Djahé 2 tsp.
◻︎Goulash 2 tsp.
◻︎Surinaamse Curry 2 tsp.
◻︎Laos 2 tsp.
◻︎Djeroek Purut x2 leaves
◻︎Daun Salam x2 leaves
◻︎NO gravy then 3 to 4 tbsp oil


◻︎Electric rice cooker
◻︎Cutting knife
◻︎Cutting board
◻︎Sealable trays (left-over)


THE RICE (side dish)
If you don't have an electric rice pan, follow the instructions on the packet.
◻︎Wash the rice. After that put into the rice pan under a fingertip of water.
◻︎Lid on the pan, button on and the rest will do itself.
◻︎Rice ready. With a rice spoon, scoop the rice loose and off the side.
◻︎Put the lid back on the rice pan.

1. Cut the meat into cubes.
2. Peel and wash the potato. Cut the potato into cubes.
3. Carrot clean, cut into small cubes.
4. Paprika pitted, cut into cubes.
5. Chop onion and spring onions finely
6. Garlic and Red pepper coarsely chopped.
7. Chop tomatoes coarsely.
8. Dry herbs on 1 plate separately.
9. Pepper, bouillon cube, sugar, sambal ready.
10. Place all ingredients neatly on the counter. Ready for preparation.

1. Casserole on heat (medium-high). No gravy than add oil.
2. Fry meat with ◻︎Pepper ◻︎1 Red Chilli◻︎ Sambal◻︎ Garlic◻︎ brown Sugar.
3. After 15 minutes, take the Meat out and cool.
4. Leave liquid in pan. Potatoes go in the pan 1st.
5. Add bouillon cube + 1 red chilli. Stir gently.
Add: ◻︎1 gl. water ◻︎ Tomatoes. Simmer for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
6. Then add: ◻︎Pepper ◻︎Droge herbs + Sea salt ◻︎ Lemon juice. Stir gently.
◻︎Simmer for 15 minutes.
7. Add: ◻︎Carrots ◻︎2 gl. Water ◻︎ (Forest) Onions ◻︎ Paprika to it. Stir gently.
◻︎Simmer for 15 minutes.
8. Add: ◻︎ 2 gl. Water ◻︎ Tomato puree ◻︎Simmer for 15 minutes. Fire on low.
9. Add: meat in pieces. Stir gently.◻︎30 Minutes simmer.
Dinner ready. Serve it up. Selamat makan!

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