You're craving a snack but you don't know what into. Perhaps this sounds like music to your ears.
Fresh katjangs baked by yourself are so delicious and it tastes like more. 
Extra enjoyment during a film or when you have visitors.
It is easy going to make after which you can enjoy it for a while. 
Put a big pot filled with katjangs on the table and snack away.
These golden rascals are available vacuum-packed at TOKO and online.
We say katjangs Indonesian style and peanuts Dutch style. A delicious snack for the tasty appetite.


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you can go hands-free and prepare the dish. HOW IT WORKS.
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◻︎Katjangs 750 gr (vacuum-packed)
◻︎Garlic 4 cloves
◻︎Lettuce oil 1 litre
◻︎Sea salt (fine grain) 4 Tsp.

◻︎Stainless steel
◻︎Sieve spoon

◻︎Large bowl 2x
◻︎Large glass jar
◻︎Tea towel
◻︎Kitchen paper (sieve)


1. Remove the katjangs from their packaging and place them in a large bowl.
2. Wash them with lukewarm water and then rest them in water for a few hours.
3. In the meantime, peel the garlic clean and thinly slice it.
4. Pour out the water from the bowl. Pat the katjangs dry with the tea towel.
5. Put kitchen paper in the sieve, for draining the katjangs.
6. It is best to fry these in 4 stages (in 4 portions).

1. Put the wajang on the gas cooker or induction and fill it with the salad oil.
2. Oil on the medium-high heat (150*). Add the slices of garlic.
3. The garlic 'lightly browned', remove.
4. Leave heat on medium-high. Add the katjangs to the wajang in 4 stages.
5. Stir them into the oil, stirring gently now and then. You will see them turn golden yellow.
6. Remove the katjangs with the sieve spoon and let them drain well in the sieve.
They still turn a slightly darker colour. Then put them in a large bowl.
7. Finely chop the fried garlic.
8. Sprinkle the finely chopped garlic, sea salt over the katjangs and shake everything well.
9. Let the katjangs cooling.
10. Put them cooled in a tightly sealable jar.
Katjangs ready. Enjoy the delicious snack. Selamat makan!

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