So insanely delicious this fantastico BABI CURRY. Delicious meat dish in a creamy
curry sauce. Easy to prepare and a successful delight.
Trassi is not available here. Therefor JENs sometimes uses fish sauce, another delicious seasoning. JENs' recipes have a spicy bite. If you like less spicy, you can omit the sambal in this dish. You just have to taste this dish!


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0 Lardons 1 pound
0 Potatoes 1 kg.
0 Mushrooms 250 gr.
0 Sambal 2 tbsp. 
0 Red Paprika 1/2
0 Tomato 1x
0 Garlic 2x cloves
0 Olive oil 2 tbsp.
0 Black Pepper
0 Sea Salt 
0 Brown Sugar 4 tbsp.
0 Chicken Stock cube 1x
0 Turmeric (fresh) 2x
0 Djahé 1 tbsp.
0 Laos 1 tsp.
0 Nutmeg 1 tsp.
0 Fish sauce 1 tbsp.
0 Lemon juice 1 tbsp.
0 Cream 200 ml.
0 Aluminium foil


0 Wadding
0 Casserole (potatoes)
0 Cutting knife
0 Cutting board
0 Table spoon
0 Teaspoon
0 Bowl

1. Cut the meat into coarse cubes and place in a bowl.
2. Add:
2 tbsp. Brown Sugar ◻︎Sea Salt ◻︎Black Pepper ◻︎1 tbsp. Djahé ◻︎1 tbsp. Sereh ◻︎1 tbsp. Lemon juice ◻︎2 tbsp. Olive Oil ◻︎2 tbsp. Sambal ◻︎1 tsp. Laos
3. Stir everything well.
4. Cover with aluminium foil. And set the dish aside.

1. Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them in half.
2. Place them in the pan under fingertip water. Set the pan ready for cooking.

1. Chop finely: o Garlic o Onion o Tomato o Red Paprika
2. Chop coarsely: o Turmeric o Mushrooms
3. Organise everything on the kitchen counter.

DISH *Let everything simmer during preparation.
1st stage - 10 minutes.
1. Put the wajang on medium-high heat.
2. Add Olive oil and bring to temperature.
3. Add Tomato to the pan.
4. Add Stock cube.
5. Add Onion. Stir the whole thing gently.
6. Add Garlic.
7. Add Turmeric. Let the whole thing simmer. Stir occasionally.

2nd stage - 20 minutes.
8. Add MEAT. Stir everything. Let simmer. Stir occasionally.
9. Add fish sauce. Stir occasionally in between.
10. Add 2 tbsp brown sugar. Bring to a simmer.
11. Add nutmeg. Stir gently. Let simmer.

POTATOES *cook these while preparing the dish.
1. Cook the potatoes for about 20 minutes.
2. Put the lid on the pan at an angle. Pour the water out of the pan.
2. Remove lid from pan, boil potatoes dry.
3. Close the pan with the lid. Potatoes are ready.

3rd stage - turn heat to low - 30 minutes.
12. Add mushrooms. Add red pepper.
Simmer for 15 minutes. Stir gently in between.
13. Add cream over all. Add yellow curry.
14. Simmer for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
BABI CURRY ready. Delicious potatoes to go with it. Selamat makan!

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