The tune of "chicken, the most versatile piece of meat" is a fact.
It is not only varied to prepare but also super healthily delicious.
Chicken contains protein, no carbs and is rich in vitamins and minerals.
CELIA BEANCHICKEN you can't say NO to that!
My dear Aunt Celia loves it, that I like to share this recipe with you.

JENs Comfort food meal prep dish. Also ideal as a one-pan dish.
Under the guise of looking after the little ones and thus enjoying cost-effectively with XXL on the menu.
Prepare the dish in extra quantity. Save the extra made (cooled) in sealable container(s) for the next time day or in
the freezer for a later time. Possibly combined with a JENs delicious recipe🍯. How nice is that!


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◻︎Raw White Beans 100 grams
◻︎Chicken legs 6x
◻︎Onion 1x
◻︎Garlic 3 cloves
◻︎Carrots 3x
◻︎Ginger approx. 10 cm
◻︎Tomato 1x
◻︎Sea salt 2 tsp.
◻︎Pepper 2 tsp.
◻︎Leek 1 pc.
◻︎Chili Peppers 3x
◻︎Potatoes 4x
◻︎Chicken bouillon cube 2x
◻︎Turmeric 1 tsp.
◻︎Nutmeg 1 tsp.
◻︎Tomato puree 140 gr.
◻︎Kwark 3 tbsp.
◻︎Lemon juice 1 tbsp.
◻︎Brown Sugar 2 tbsp.
◻︎Honey 2 tbsp.
◻︎Beer 2x 100 ml.
◻︎Water (warm) 200 ml.


◻︎Cutting knife
◻︎Cutting board
◻︎Stirring spoon

*White Beans according to instructions on package.
BEANS ready, put aside.
1. Marinade:
a. Into a bowl: Kwark 3 tbsp, Sea salt 2 tsp. Stir to mix.
b. Add: Pepper 1 tsp., Lemon juice 1 tsp. Stir to mix.
c. Add: Turmeric 1 tsp., Nutmeg 1 tsp. Stir to mix.
d. Add: Brown Sugar 2 tbsp. Stir to mix.
e. Add and spread the porridge over the chicken.
f. Toss and mix Chicken legs until well coated. Marinade chicken for 30 minutes.

2. Dice Tomato into cubes.
3. Chop finely: onion, leeks. Set aside.
4. Peel Ginger. Set aside.
4. Cut Garlic into coarse pieces. Set aside.
5. Peel and wash carrots. Cut into cubes. Set aside.
6. Peel and wash potatoes. Cut these into cubes. Set aside.

◻︎Put the pan over medium heat.
◻︎Add the marinated chicken legs to the pan.
◻︎Add the marinade on top of the chicken. Fry the marinated chicken.
◻︎Cook for 30 minutes. Occasionaly stir in between.
◻︎Add Ginger.
◻︎Add 3 whole Chili Peppers.
◻︎Add Garlic. Stir to sauce mix.
◻︎Cook for 30 minutes. Occasionaly stir in between.
◻︎Add the tomato cubes. Stir to mix.
◻︎Set the heat to low. Cover pan with a lid. Simmer for 15 minutes.
◻︎Take off lid.
◻︎Add 1st part Beer
◻︎Add 2 stock cubes.
◻︎Simmer for 15 minutes. Turn the chicken occasionally.
◻︎Add 2nd part Beer
◻︎Add 2 tbsp. Add honey. Stir to mix.
◻︎Remove the chicken from the pan.
◻︎Add Onions into the sauce. Stir to mix.
◻︎Add Water (warm).
◻︎Add the white beans. Put lid back on pan. Cook for 30 minutes completely.
◻︎Take off lid. Add the Potatoes.
◻︎Add the Carrots. Stir to mix.
◻︎Put lid back on pan. Simmer for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
◻︎Take off lid. Add sliced leek. Put lid back on pan.
◻︎Simmer for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
◻︎Take off lid. Put the chicken legs on top. Simmer for 15 minutes.

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