Babi Tandoori a fantastic sultry dish. Delicious with rice, pasta or Dutch style with baked potatoes. The choice is endless.
For this dish, it is all about the preparation of the Babi Tandoori.
Spring, summer, fall or winter, it is to be enjoyed at any time.
An easy going recipe with the necessary attention to a tasty result.

JENs Comfort food Meal Prep dish. Also ideal as a one-pot meal.
Under the guise of watching the little ones and thus cost-saving with XXL enjoyment on the menu.
Prepare the dish in extra quantity. Store the extra made (cooled) in sealable container(s) for the next day or in the freezer for
a later time. Perhaps combine with a JENs tasting recipe🍯. How nice is that!



◻︎Meat (without bone) 4 pcs.
◻︎Onion 1x
◻︎Garlic 3 cloves
◻︎Honey 1 tbsp.
◻︎Lemon juice 2x1 tsp.
◻︎Sea salt 2x1 tsp.
◻︎Black Pepper 3x½ tsp.
◻︎Brown Sugar 2x2 tbsp. + 1x1 tbsp.
◻︎Tomato puree 3 tbsp.
◻︎Sunflower oil 2x2 tbsp.
◻︎Tandoori Masala 2x1 tsp.
◻︎Turmeric 1 tsp.
◻︎Djahé (ginger) 1 tbsp.
◻︎Red Chili Peppers (small) 3 pcs.
◻︎Coconut cream 3 tbsp.
◻︎Curd cheese 2x3 tbsp.
◻︎Milk 5 tbsp.
◻︎Red bell Pepper 1x


◻︎Cutting knife
◻︎Cutting board
◻︎Stirring spoon
◻︎Little Cup (marinade)
◻︎Bowl (marinade)
◻︎Container (for the meat)
◻︎Aluminum foil

1. Cut the meat lengthwise into strips.
2. Place this in a container. Add ½ tsp. black pepper over the meat.
3. Have a Cup ready. Add ½ tsp. black pepper.
4. Add: 1 tsp. Sea salt, 1 tsp. Lemon juice and 1 tbsp. Honey. Stir to combine.
5. Add 3 tbsp. Tomato paste. Stir to mix.
6. Cut the Garlic in half. Add this to the bowl.
7. Add 1 tsp. Tandoori Masala, 1 tsp. Turmeric.
8. Add 1 tbsp. Ginger. Stir to combine.
9. Add 3 small Chili Peppers (whole) and stir to mix.
10. Add the contents of the cup and the bowl together. Stir everything.
11. Add 1 tsp. Lemon juice and 2 tbsp. Brown sugar. Stir to mix.
12. Add 3 tbsp. Coconut cream, 3 tbsp. Cottage cheese and 3 tbsp. Milk. Stir to mix.
13. Add 1 tsp. Sea salt. Stir to mix. Add marinade over the meat.
14. Cover Meat with Aluminum foil.
Place the Meat in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
15. Remove Meat from the refrigerator and remove the aluminum foil.

◻︎Add Sunflower oil 2 tbsp. in the wok over medium heat, at temperature.
◻︎Add the Onions. Stir to mix until translucent.
◻︎Add the Meat. Roast the meat for 15 minutes on 1 side.
◻︎Turn the Meat over and let it simmer for 15 minutes.
◻︎Add 1 tsp. Tandoori Masala and 2 tbsp. Brown sugar. Turn the meat over.
◻︎Simmer the meat for 15 minutes.
◻︎Turn the meat.
◻︎Add 3 tbsp. Add cottage cheese and spread the cottage cheese.
◻︎Add the marinade from the container. Add 1 tbsp. Brown sugar.
◻︎Add ½ tsp. black pepper. Stir the sauce to mix.
◻︎Add red bell pepper spread over it. Let this simmer for 15 minutes.
◻︎Stir to mix.

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