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Sempre Belleza stands for professionalism in permanent makeup & fibrolast/plasma elevator.
The salon where you feel at home and where you can count on the best treatments and products.
Janine Vaatstra is a passionate and perfectionist owner who always does her best to make
her customers happy with their appearance. SEMPREBELLEZA

In 1989 I founded the Atma Institute in Amersfoort. Active in it until 2023.
My own practice Peter Krijger focuses on outdoor, life coaching, reincarnation therapy and giving
training and refresher courses in this field. I also write articles, books and blogs.
You can find more at PETER KRIJGER

Owner Hans Steylaert van Art Gallery/Bronsgieterij Hans Steylaert with over 50 years of experience.
Passion, love and much expertise for the craft. We are a bespoke company in casting and creating bronze works of art. Whether it is a sculpture of 3 centimeters or a sculpture of 10 meters in size.
For leading artists from home and abroad, Art Gallery/Foundry Hans Steylaert is a household name. 
Art Gallery/Bronsgieterij Hans Steylaert is an understanding. STEYLS-ART

Jan van Tiel is co-founder of, among others as Amstelhaven en de Kandidatenmarkt. 
Amstelhaven has the largest deck terrace in Amsterdam that is actually on the water!
Bar-restaurant Amstelhaven opened in August 2002. It is also one of the few places in Amsterdam where you can moor your boat and then go straight to your table or
even eat on your boat. Amstelhaven rents the location exclusively for parties and celebrations.

De Kandidatenmarkt helps and supports young people to increase their economic and social self-sufficiency. An innovative social organization that guides and trains young people from the age of 16 in volunteer work, work, education, internship, participation, debt and youth care.

Kempèsi was founded in 2013 by Ad ten Have (Pendekar Pencak Silat Nusahitu Solemata and
5th DAN Kempo). Kempèsi is effectiveness molded into art for young and old, with the knowledge and skill to be able to defend yourself. In addition, there is fun and discipline, working together and
hard work, humor and perseverance. Everything that makes sport fun! KEMPÈSI

Guru Santiago Dobles is an authentic Silat teacher with over 26 years of experience in Indonesian Pentjak Silat from Family de Thouars line as well as Cimande and Harimau Silat. He is an authorized instructor of Bapak Willem de Thouars in Serak, Kuntao. In Cimande in the lineage of Guru Muhammad Ipin Arrifin. Machan Hitam Harimau Minangkabau of Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes & Pendekar Hanafi. Also in USA, Guru Santiago represent (lineageholder) Serak, in the lineage of Bapak Marurice de Thouars. The father of IBU Jennifer (Kapala Aliran Serak & Pukulan Bax in NL). MIAMIPENCAKSILAT

In Thailand op vakantie, werken of wonen. Leer duiken in Koh Tao.
Mede-oprichtster is Marion Verhaar van Ocean Sound Dive + Yoga, de best gerangschikte duikschool. 
Als je op zoek bent om je PADI open water brevet te halen, Koh Tao is de perfecte plek om dat te doen, met rustig water, overvloedig onderwater- leven. Wij zijn de enige duikschool in Koh Tao die ook een volledig uitgeruste, professionele yoga studio aanbieden met een verscheidenheid aan lesstijlen.