Welcome to Jenskookfun podcast about FOOD & FRESH LOVE, spoken in English.
WEDNESDAYs Hostess Evelyn de Thouars breaks the week in half with conviviality and a mixed pallet.
Fresh ingredients including the Organic Garden, Cooking, Special Moments, the YUM to brag about.
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EPISODE 01. Evelyn has a great passion for food.
How does it start? She tells of her background that inspired her love for COOKING. Evelyn gives some touch of the various ingredients.
Here is the 1st bite to taste.

EPISODE 02. Evelyn drives past the flowery fields.
It looks like a beautiful palette of colours, like a special postcard.

There are so many flowers who are used for consumptions.
What does Evelyn do with all the magic flavours?

EPISODE 03. In the vegetable garden, Evelyn picks herbs for a later time. The happy sounds around her, brings her to thoughts of honey and onions. Two beautiful products she uses for her dishes.
And so much more to share....

EPISODE 04. Evelyn gets a dearest friend Anne to stay with her. Both are big fans of potatoes. Naturally, Anne chooses a delicious potato dish that Evelyn will prepare. First they will discover Eger, the beautiful Hungarian Baroque city.