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Hostess Evelyn de Thouars breaks the week in half. A feast to listen to.
Culinary stories, the Kitchen Garden, your Special moments, Yum to scoop up... and so much more.

Every FRIDAY YouTube KokenmetJENs.
Delicious tasting, filling belly(s) with the most delicious dishes.
Recipes are translated into Dutch, Hungarian and Greek.
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Every SUNDAY JENs MOMENTS episodes.
She takes you through moments from her daily life and dishes out a diverse mix for everyone.
An eventful life brings sjeu, poignancy and change.
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Fresh produce from the kitchen garden on your plate. Regularly a TWEET more.
Questions about the vegetable garden, feel free to ask. Hans Versliefde gladly answers them per e-mail.

Conceiving, testing, preparing and tasting dishes to lick your fingers.
JENs prefers to cook with fresh produce from local farmers and fresh from the kitchen garden.
How her love for food came about? Klik op 🍽️

Do you have any great food tips or suggestions? Send JENs a message.
JENs may be busy cooking or testing her recipes.
She aims to answering within 48 hours. Till JENs at JENs KookFun🍯. 

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